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Hello,I have a amd phenam be955 at 3.85 ghz 8 gb of ram with 2 gtx 480 gpu's and my frame rate is really bad in world of warcraft. I have vsink on so it sets at 60 unless I move the camera around at which it drops to below 5 fps. I can play say just cause 2 or metro 2033 at max settings with no problems. I installed wow 4 weeks ago and after the first week of it doing this I was able to fix it by reinstalling the drivers 3 times. Yesterday the power went out in our town and my computer shut down, and upon restart it was blue screening. I had to do a system restore to get it going again and all is well with os. However the restore point was before my changes that fixed wow. I have tried sever times to reinstall the drivers with no luck. I have even updated to the latest beta drivers that came out 2 days ago with no luck. I uninstalled wow and reinstalled a fresh downloaded copy with no luck. I have been on phone with tech support at wow, nvidia, and asus none of which has been any help. So I turn to you guys. Please if anyone can help let me know. Thanks for your time.
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  1. It's a well known fact that WoW doesn't like multi-card / multi-GPU set ups. When you play WoW try shutting off SLI.
  2. i agree my son shuts down the sli on his also!
  3. I got it figured out. It works just fine with both of my gpu's in sli mode. After 12 hours of tech support, testing, uninstalling and reinstalling things it works. Blizzard tech support ended up finding the problem. I have Asus branded GTX 480 gpu's. I bought them the week they came out and for some reason I used the disk to install the drivers. While using the disk I went ahead and installed the asus extra programs that help with monitoring and overclocking your gpu's. Come to find out the program called Asus Gamer OSD was the problem. Blizzard techs had me uninstall that program and all is well. I have better frame rates than I have ever had with my games. Pretty crazy really after all the things the Asus tech support, and nvidia tech support guys had me doing that did not work it was a stupid program that I have never used causing all my problems. Hope this might help someone else. Thanks for the help....
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    I am at work now, but if this works I will send you cookies. I am having the SAME issue as you described but ONLY in WoW. Any other game it is fine. I will try this when i get home.

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