How to install win 7 64bit over Activated win 7 32bit

I've already installed Premium 32xbit and activated it. I was able to get a hold of the 64bit Prof. From what I read so I just need to edit/delete .config file so it gives me the option to install 64xbit Premium.

My question is what is the best process to install the 64x over the 32x and do I need to deactivate the key from the 32x so I can use it for the 64x, if so how? Or can I just do a clean install fo the 64bit from the boot and that should be it?

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  1. Now I am not sure what your trying to do, it sounds like as if your trying to use the 32 bit Home Premium key for the 64 bit professional. This is NOT possible, as each key is proprietary to the Windows 7 version it belongs to.
    You need a 64 bit key, the bootable CD and do a clean install.
    You can do this by booting off your disk. After installation of the 64 bit Professional you will be asked for a 64 bit Windows 7 professional KEY.
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    Do a clean install from the 64 bit disk and activate as necessary. No need to worry about de-activating the 32 bit copy (which technically isn't even possible).
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