Windows 7 compatible e-mail programs

What is a good e-mai program compatible with windows7
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  1. Hello foxyo;

    Windows Live Mail 2011 is actually a pretty good e-mail client.
    It's part of the Windows Live Essentials that also has a Photo Gallery, Live Messenger, Movie Maker and other items, all free for the download. You can choose only the programs you wish to use.
  2. Hello foxyo,

    You've noticed that Windows 7 doesn't come with a built-in mail client as past versions of Windows has. There are a few out there that you can download for free, including Windows Live Mail 2011 that WR2 has pointed out. I'm giving a +1 for his answer. You can download it at the link he provided if you want all the Windows Live programs. If you are only looking to download Windows Live Mail, you can get it here -


    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. cassandraf happened to link in to the Movie Maker 2011 webpage - not Live Mail 2011 which is here
  4. Live mail is pretty good. You could also try Mozilla Thunderbird.
  5. +1 to Herr_Koos on Thunderbird. I have been using for several years and recommend it often. Great, solid application that is well supported.
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    I think one of the best reasons to get any version of Office is Outlook.
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  8. dg27 said:
    I think one of the best reasons to get any version of Office is Outlook.

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