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Hello, Can I Fat 32 A SD card for my handy dandy Panasonic Lumix from DCM-FZ20 era.?
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  1. SD cards come preformated, you should not need to format it. If for some reason the camera didn't accept it as is, it will show a message that the card needs formating.
    Always use the camera formating tools when formating is required.
  2. Thanks so much for the timely reply. I agree with performance. But with the error I am receiving with which I must apologize, it was left out of the thre- you know this is an original card* so I hope... And yeah the story is rather long. I got a new one for a cent off a ebay just after I asked it arrived. Oh, and the new one is microSD and I am experienced with these but not with the new SD one not working and the error stating "read error."? I Always now format with the camera tools and it is funny I was just trying to take a picture of a penny. The new one arrived and oh I guess I asked this already or you answered but I don't have the manual and got excited and I fatted it alright...
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