Windows 7 System/Boot volume Issue.

I installed Windows 7 onto a new hard drive but it turns out the installer arbitrarily put the system volume onto a different hard drive than the boot volume. I was wondering if it is possible to move the system volume. Or have any other way to have both system and boot volumes on the same hard drive.

Also, is it possible to software raid two hard drives and install the OS onto it?

Edit: I figured out why they were put on separate HDs, I had one as a primary HD and chose another for the installation. My questions still stand, is it possible to move it without reinstallation? And is it possible to software raid a partition with an OS installed.
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  1. 1. No - reinstall

    2. Yes, but unless you have a fast quad-core processor, you better off sticking to hardware raid.
  2. yes with cloning and from another installation using easybcd, but its such a pain the arse its not worth it, took me 2-3 days @ 4hrs per day to get it sorted over christmas would have been much much easier to just re-install windows. The reason for this was dynamic disks, i.e. software raid and a hardware aid0 array failure - don't go there for the OS or programs, just trashable data. Once I had it up and running so I could recreate and extract the dynamic disks, then I wanted to move installation thats what took the time.
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