Upgrading Win7 RC --> Win7 Retail/OEM?

I'm currently running Win7 RC on my computer.
How hard will be to install the full release version over what I have now?
Will it be a simple "upgrade" or will I have to do a clean install?

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  1. It'll be a clean install
  2. Do I have to do a clean install over Win7 RC? Or, will it also give me a choice to upgrade over what I already have?
    It would be nice to not have to re-install everything.
  3. You might can upgrade but I wouldnt recommend it.
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    The RC can be upgraded to the RTM build (and it's not very hard to set that up), but I would suggest that you not do that. A clean install, especially from a beta era product (I know it was really stable and all, but why take chances), is always a better idea.
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