Anyway to save "Windows Update" files?

I am looking to save the Windows Update files that I download and install periodically. I tend to format and reinstall my OS every 6-12 months and the Windows Update generally takes the most time (installing OS, updating windows and installing software). I found a program that allows me to download the update files for everything pre-windows 7 called windows update downloader, but there is no solution for Windows 7.

Just looking for a solution to streamline the process. I'm not really that technically savvy so I'm not willing to invest the time to do anything like a custom install of window. Thanks in advance for your time.
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    Microsoft should soon be releasing service pack1 for Windows7. This will be available as a standalone download. You will be able to save this for installation anytime, or slipstream it onto a custom install disc. All updates so far will be included in it
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