Windows live photo gallery encountered an error 0x80070057

I've been trying to use my Windows live Gallery for a few days now. I love the feature and of course as soon as I default to it I get an error the full error message is
Windows live photo gallery encountered an error and can't start
Error code: 0x80070057

has anyone encountered this before, and/or know how to fix it?
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  1. You can get this error if your version is outdated or a corrupt installation. Remove your existing installation of Windows live gallery and download the latest version and try reinstalling it.
  2. I've uninstalled and reinstalled same error. The current version I have is the most current. I re downloaded the setup and still the same error.
  3. Can you not do a system restore back to a time when it did work? It is best to do a system restore in safe mode if you have any trouble doing this.
  4. I was hoping that a system restore wouldn't be the only answer but I will do that to see if it works, thanks for the advice
  5. Tried system restore but oldest restore point is not before this error
  6. After 4 or 5 reinstalls I was finally given an option to run the program in Windows Vista compatibility mode byt right clicking it in the list. Now it works.. sheesh talk about ridiculous issues
  7. Start
    Right-Click on Photo Gallery
    Open File Location
    Right-Click on WLXPhotoGallery.exe
    Compatibility tab
    Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
    Select Vista Service Pack 2
    Click OK and run program.

    This worked and prompted me to remove the two drives that are no longer present h: and i:.

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