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help. can you guys tell me what kind of cable i need to go from my scanner which is a microtek, model no mrs-600e3 to the card . the fcc id is fgtaha2940-42 on the card, another number below the bar code is bboe4370wdk. can you guys help. a friend gave me the scanner but could not remeber what kind of cable. thanks.

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  1. I don't think you need a special cable to connect your scanner to the scsi card, just an scsi one. You should ask microtek and they'll tell you which one you need exactly.
  2. Try <A HREF="http://www.microtekusa.com/tips.html" target="_new">here for more on Microtek</A>. I had a look for your model but you either gave the wrong model number or it isnt listed!
    Does that PCI/scsi adapter card have a name?
    My scsi scanner use to use a DB25 -DB25 (25 pin) male cable, but since I bought the new adapter card I had to get a DB 25 to 68 pin cable. So just count the pins on each end and work out if its a male end or female end, most good stores should have them.

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