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This has been a reoccuring bug. The locked thread icon doesn't show up all the time. Not sure why. Generally I just get no icon but now I see

"Forum is locked" in about 14 pt where the icon should be.
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  1. I just locked and unlocked this thread. For me, it looks normal. Don't know what to tell you. 8O
  2. It's not consistant. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doens't. Right now I get the locked icon.
  3. I will look into it, but not today 8)
  4. On this page, where the threads are locked, instead of a locked symbol on the left side I get this

    topic is

    It stretches out the whole page.
  5. dh, please provide the url of the problem page.
  6. Quote:

    I went to this url, and I don't see the effect described in the graphic that followed. I cannot see it, and have never seen it. Weird. Jake, you see the problem too? I am trying to see if only moderators see this problem...
  7. I've yet to see it ever.
  8. What browser, dh?
  9. Firefox. No problem in IE now that I checked. Let me see if it's adblock doing it.
  10. Firefox 1.5 btw. Just upgraded.
  11. Must be adblock. Disabling it brings things back to normal. I must be blocking that icon.
  12. Just viewed the same url with FF1.5, and it looks good here. Weird.
  13. For some reason the locked icon gif was being blocked. I fixed it.

    Thanks for helping me fix it though :D
  14. OMG ... I was going to write a thread about Firefox 1.5 ... I d/l it and tried it for 30 minutes ... nothing but problems. I was going to call the thread "Not Ready For Prime Time" ... I'm going to wait till all the extensions catch up. Plus, it "rendered" this forum "strange", kind of asymetrical or something ... will take some time and tweaking ... I may just wait and do a full, clean reinstall of XP and 1.5. Just my experience. :(
  15. No problems on my end but I've only been using it for a day.

    I wonder how I ended up blocking that one icon :?
  16. Firefox 1.5 is great. Not a problem here. I've used all the BETA's of 1.5 too, without any problems.
  17. I've been enjoying FF 1.5 as well. No problems here. My only gripe is the stupid cursor key navigation thing they do in FF. IE is so much cleaner in that it just scrolls the scrollbars when you use the cursor keys.
  18. Quote:
    Firefox 1.5 is great. Not a problem here. I've used all the BETA's of 1.5 too, without any problems.

    How did you install it ... a full clean install, just the browser part (leaving the profile in Doc's and Settings the same), or install over the older version without an uninstall?
  19. I upgraded from 1.0.5 to a beta 1.5 to release 1.5.

    Although, I'd recommend a clean install to be on the safe side.
  20. I just installed over the old one.
  21. I uninstalled 1.0.7 and then installed 1.5. Most of my extensions failed to work. The forum was "not right" ... the borders were different, ie. the name, title, avatar column was "squeezed" (sounds like eden), and other things seemed different. So I'm going to wait till the extension updates are done - then try to just install over the old one. I have used some speed tweaks, perhaps these are causing some issues.
  22. What extensions are you using?

    I just have adblock plus
  23. Spoofstick, MediaPlayerConnectivity, Print Preview, IE View (for pgs that require IE), autofill, spellbound (spell checker), and Tabbedbrowser Preferences and Pong (love that old game).
  24. PONG!

    I love that game. :mrgreen:
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