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Working at a client at the moment in Aus trying to make the Offline Files
CSC a little bit 'smarter'.

Windows 2003 Active Directory
Windows XP SP1 Desktops

1.. Seamlessly allow users to roam on the network from site to site with
notebooks, and on logon and logoff not flood slow network links with Offline
Files Synchronisation traffic.

So far we have developed the following;
a.. Removed Group Policy that Administratively Pinned files/folders to
users on notebook workstations
b.. Removed the Group Policy that forced synchronisation of Offline Files
at Logon/Logoff
c.. Using the new CSCCMD utility we have scripted 1 file to be offline for
users, this only happens the one time
d.. As part of the logon script, check the users AD site against the site
of their Home server, if different we use the CSCCMD utility to force a
server share offline
The above is working and is working well - however, mobsync is causing us
nothing but headaches !!!!
a.. Though we have made the above changes to Group Policy concerning
Offline Files, 'Synchronisation Manager' does not adhere to GPO settings,
and as a result it synchronises Offline Files on logon and logoff
b.. To work around the above problem, if you remove from
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run the following Value -
"MobSynch /Logon" Synchronisation Manager does not run on Logon to the
This does not resolve Synchronisation Manager running on Logoff though.

a.. The values within the following registry key controls Synchronisation
Manager behaviour -
Connection - however these are restricted so that it is not possible for a
User to modify through a Logon Script, but users do have permissions to
change the Synch settings through the GUI - ie Windows Explorer - Tools -
Synchronize - Setup ......
Can anybody think of a way to change the above keys on behalf of the user,
ie through the logon script or programmatically etc

Your help is appreciated


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  1. Hello

    I am doing exactly the same where trying to modify using csccmd. Did you get an answer? I am using a com object to impersonate the user from system and will probably execute a change on a wmi route table event. If you have another solution i'd love to hear about it and maybe we could exchange ideas (or if anyone else is doing similar)

    Please email me on


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