Any Students ordering Disk Kit get their "Confirmation E-Mail" yet?

I ordered my Disk kit over the weekend and have been checking my e-mail incesantly. Anyone get it yet? How long did it take? And if you got the kit already, how long did that take?

I'm just paranoid it'll mess up.
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  1. I ordered it from (along with the downloadable version) and got the confirmation e-mail the day it was released (the shipping confirmation).
  2. Still no confirmation email.. I'm starting to get frustrated, as I sent them a customer support request last week asking what will happen. It has remained unanswered. It was hard enough finding the support request...
  3. And it is now 3 weeks. Has anyone, specifically from Canada, had problems with this? What annoys me most is that I've sent two customer support requests to no avail, and I can't even find an e-mail or phone number for them to contact them for real.
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