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well when i use the rss feed option with google coustomized home page it dosn'et log me in for some reason..... i can't reaply the the post through the link provided from the RSS feed
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  1. I'm not sure I understand your question, but Google customize works with the forumz rss feeds fine with me. Clicking a link brings me to the correct place.
  2. ok its that it don't log me in when i click on a link, it just takes me to the page, and says that :

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    and i cannot use the replly or quote button as it treats me as a guest, but at the bottom of the page :
    You can post new topics in this forum
    You can reply to topics in this forum
    You cannot edit your posts in this forum
    You cannot delete your posts in this forum
    You cannot vote in polls in this forum

    sooo what is going on here?? i say i can reply while i'm a guest or something? do i have like the wrong RSS feed or something?
  3. TheHolyLancer,

    I am not familiar with this google feature. You have to walk me thru putting saving and displaying RSS feeds there, and I will be happy to help debug this.
  4. The RSS feed won't log you in. You need to have the cookie data for your login on your PC.

    This isn't a bug.
  5. well problem is if i click on the links on the left and goto thsat exactly thread regularily, i'm logged in.... and can post, no login screen... and in order to get the rss you click on rss and you get a page with some XML codes that say
    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    on the top of my ff browser (persumablily because igot no rss reader...) and so you cut the link of the page outta the browser :
    and then goto your google personiazed home page then goto create a new section and paste that link there, then the rss link should appear after a short search
  6. I don't know a lot about RSS but it looks as though your reader isn't converting the code.
  7. Depending of what version of FF you have, there will be a orange button with white lines in either the status bar at the bottom of the window or one in the address bar (V1.5+)

    Clicking that will list the RSS feeds.
  8. i got 1.7, i don't really want a rss to thg in my ff windows though, i check me google homepage daily and the rss feed thing on ff is for more important things (specific threads, up date on things i really wanterd to know, etc.) so all my general (non thread specific) rss feed for forum is in my google home page (its kinda long now at 2 pages but i can still browse through it)

    btw i check my ff rss every time i open ff, and delete them as nessiary
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