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Hello forum!! I'm looking at buying a digital video camera under $3000 US and I was wondering which camera it should be or wether I should wait. All of your posts will be much appreciated and thanks in advance to all the contributors.

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  1. take a look at canon gl-1, in europe called xm-1. it has very good lenses, and the picture is very good, almost as jvc gy-dv500, which is a professional camera. the only problem is that the lenses are not interchangeable, but it still has better picture and balance then xl-1 which is also called a professional camera. i haven't work with gl-1 AKA xm-1, but i've seen a tape, it's worth money. you can find it on some web shops for less than $2500.
  2. Thanks for your response. I think I will put it in my short list along with the Sony vx-2000 or maybe look around for a used panasonic pro cam. What do you think? Thanks again

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  3. Do y'all have any suggestions for a kinda good digital camera for under $1000? I know it's a horrible budget. :redface: And it doesn't have to last forever. But we need something to start with to make enough money to get something better. Thanx y'all for any help. :smile:

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  4. Yep, a new or second hand TRV-900 (Sony). It has all the features required for desktop editing. Definetly worth a look.

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