64 bit computer. OS: What is best 32/64bit?

Computer: 64bit, dual core, windows 7 ready.
Ram: 2gb.

What windows hp version is best to install?

a. 32bit version.
b. 64bit version.
c. Makes no difference.

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  1. If it's only 2GB RAM then go 32-bit. 4GB and higher go 64-bit.

    To be honest though RAM is pretty cheap again so I'd strongly recommend grabbing 4GB anyway to give your system plenty of breathing space.

    BUT what are your exact specs? What dual core is it? What RAM do you already have?

    And what do you mean by Windows HP? Do you mean Windows XP (Windows XP 64-bit isn't very good - poor driver support and now very old), or is your computer from HP?
  2. Thanks for answering.
    I should have written: OS in question Windows 7 homepremium.

    Specs: 2gb ram and dual core 3ghz.

    I've noticed, that almost never the computer uses 2gb ram.

    So the question is, will windows 7 hp 64bit version run as good as the 32bit
    version on the computer though only having 2gb ram?
  3. 64-bit has a slight extra overhead on it but nothing major, but unless you're looking at running 64-bit software I'd just stick with 32-bit on 2GB RAM
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