Pratkica dcz 8vr

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Hs any one got info on the Pratkica dcz 8vr digital camera?

I have done a google search but not much info is coming up.



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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.dcameras (More info?)

    If it's any help, Praktica make some fairly mediocre digicams that get
    rebadged as 'Megxon' and other weird names, and these are sold in their
    hundreds on Ebay for often very silly prices. They are easy to spot -
    they always claim at least twice their true resolution, eg the ten
    megapixel model has a 5Mp sensor, but it interpolates in-camera to
    ten..sigh.. Maybe I am being harsh, but I would be *very* afraid..

    Pity - Praktica used to make some quite good stuff.
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