Unread posts, the indicator, and Mark all threads read...

Is there still problems with this?

I've been trying to clear out the harddware category and it keeps popping back up threads from last week as unread. I opened them in the browser so they'd be marked read and gone back to the category and it still shows unread messages. So I look at the section again (e.g., Hardware ->Motherboards General), and the same threads are marked unread - and they're halfway down the page with last post dates of Dec. 2 or even Nov. 30. So I click the 'mark all read' link and go back into the forum and it looks good. Then I reload the hardware category page from the box on the right, that section is marked with unread messages... I go into the section, and the same messages from last week are now marked unread. The ones I just marked read. :(

I even tried closing and reopening IE, but the same thing happens - threads are marked as unread even though I've read them AND clicked the 'mark as read' link.

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  1. Fishmahn,

    I don't see the problem on my side, and I have not heard of the problem after the big fix.

    So in order to diagnose, please reproduce the problem, and then note down the ulr's and STOP going to that forum at least temporarily.. I will go into your tracking data, and see exactly what is going on.

    If I were seeing it here, then the hard work above would not be needed, but I do not :?
  2. I just went to Hardware and couldn't find any inconsistencies. I cleared all threads and took a shower, came back and refreshed - some new forums were lit, but there were new, unread threads then ... so I can't get any of the errors reported in the original post/report.
  3. Ok, I'll see if I can reproduce it now, then I'll avoid the forums 'til morning.

    The only one that seemed to do it was Hardware - but I wasn't sure if everything was copacetic or still 'in the works' so I didn't get debugging details.


  4. I am usually here, so if you can reproduce the problem, we should be able to quickly diagnose it. No need to avoid the forumz for a long time 8O
  5. Cool - It's still there.

    There's a couple screenies I took to show you the problem, and hopefully it'll help.

    In the hardware section I went to the Motherboards General section and saw a few new messages, then scrolled down a little and found some from last week. Look at the 2nd link (THGF Unread error.jpg). The first link shows the hardware category page. I was there this afternoon and cleared out all the messages - you can see I even have last post on a couple of the forums, but I still have unread flag on forums where the last post was Sun. That's the first link. (Unread error2)

    http://www.neumainc.com/THGF Unread error2.JPG
    http://www.neumainc.com/THGF Unread error.JPG

    I'm going home for the evening in a couple mins, and I'll have plenty to do at home tonight, so I won't be back until tomorrow AM.

    Thanks for your diligence, Steve. Great job.


    Edit PS: Grr - URL's don't want to linky for some reason... not gonna bother with why tonight, trying to get out of here. :)
  6. Made some change, and it should fix the problem. Looks like the system was not mainting 'forum read' info properly (as the old ones were being bumped or so it seems).

    Please try again. I am going on a limb here, as it is hard to reproduce.

    Thanks for your kind words, fishmahn.
  7. Thanks, Steve.

    I'll give it a go this AM and see.

  8. Worked! Thanks.

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