Dlink dwl g510 rev c windows 7 32 bit driver.

pci wlan card: dlink dwl g510 rev c link:

Anyone who has a stable working windows 7 32bit driver for the wlan card?

This happens: When downloading one or several large files, it starts downloading very fast and
After a period of time the download gets stuck. After another period of time, it says 'download failed',
but mostly the downloads just stop as finished allthough the files are only partly
Sometimes it downloads up to 70% of a file, sometimes only 10%.

I have tried these drivers:

a. http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/Download/download.aspx?product=DWL-G510&revision=REV_C&filetype=Drivers. It worked for some time. Then disconnected. Got a red cross on the wireless icon.
Getting it reconnected wasn't possible.

b. Got driver via windows 7 'device and printer' 'troubleshooter'. It runs as descriped above.
Sometime disconnects. But by itself reconnects after a period of time.

c. Tried a ralink r61 chipset driver. Didn't work.

First I thought it was a signal strength matter.
But after moving the antenna and getting signal strength 60% the above descripted still happens.

Thank you.
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  1. youre having symptoms a lot of people have. Nonworking wireless card in the pc.
    If its a laptop, there isnt much you can do, reinstalling driver usually solves the problem, but just temporarily.
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