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I would appreciate any help with the following; I use a Sony Cybershot -
JSC-P100 digital camera, however there appears to be a problems with the
camera, normally the camera takes good quality photos without any problems.

The problem seems to be intermittent, what happens is that a small blurred
circle appears just off the centre of the photograph, for example yesterday
I took approximately 50 photos all in bright sunshine, and seven of the
photos had this blurred circle on each of these photo's, also the photo's
taken where a mixture of using the optical lens and not using it, and where
taken in different directions to the sun.

I wonder to whether this only happens in bright sunshine, this issue has
occurred before, and not just yesterday.

However 9 months ago aboard, and during brighter conditions the photos taken
did not have this problem.

I have checked the lens and it appears to be clean.

I would appreciate any advice with the above, and I can e-mail an example of
one of the photos if required.


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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.dcameras (More info?)

    We need some more clues. Is it bright or dark? Always in the same
    spot or does it change depending on where the sun is? If so - it's
    probably lens flare, and the suin does not have to be 'inshot' for lens
    flare to happen - use a lens hood, or shield the camera lens with your
    hand to prevent sun striking the front element.

    Is it always the same shape and size, does it change if you are
    focussed on something far away rather than close?

    Have you tried shining a light into the lens to see if there are any
    objects or marks on internal elements?
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