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Hi All.

Instead of re-installing Windows every time I get a virus, "windows rot", etc. I'll rather create a drive image of a clean Windows configuration (all applications installed).

This will be way too big to put on a DVD and most thumb drives.

Is there a way to create the C: image as a file on the larger D: drive?
Then create a DVD or Thumb drive that will boot, allow me to (slow/fast) format the drive, then pull and restore the image from the D: to the C: ?

I read about Seagate DiskWizard, but I think that requires another drive in the case so I can copy from the (old C: ) to the (new C: ).

Any ideas??
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    System image backup is included in Windows 7 and it's free.
    Click on start, Windows Help and Support and type disk image or backup for more information on available options for backup and recovery.
  2. Hi.

    The System backup worked (sort of). It actually did a clean restore from a drive image to the original boot drive - without Windows running.
    I had a problem backing up an image from a Raid 1 drive to a non-raid drive. The drives where exactly the same size, but the image restore program just said the available drives won't work. I think the Windows backup just can't backup Raid to non-raid drives.

    I re-installed Windows on the non-raid drive. Worked.
    Did a backup AND resore (with drive formatting), Worked :)
    Then did a backup of a backup. Got some wierd "shadow copy could not be created." 0x80780119 error.
    It seems the first backup used some System Reserved partition space.
    This cleared enough space for another backup:

    Right click on computer
    System Protection
    Highlight C drive
    Click Configure
    Click delete all restore points

    googling also found this command, but I'm not sure if it works.
    fsutil usn deletejournal /N /D F:
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    nPlease also read my above post.. ;)
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