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Cannt connect two 2TB external hard drives at once


I bought a 2TB external hard drive (Western Digital) earlier this year on sale and for Christmas I got another one for redundancy (a back-up in case the one I have fails).

My problem is that while my computer (a Dell Desktop purchased last year) will get a bit glitchy in picking up one (sometimes it won't recognize it but this is seldom), it will never recognize both at the same time. As a result, I have to add files (pictures, music, etc) to my external hard drives one at a time.

I've checked all the USB ports with other hardware, and they all work - the only thing I can think of is that this is a Windows issue. I have both external hard drives assigned to different drive paths, so it's not a matter of that.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks so much.
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    Sorry about that - I fixed it.

    For those who are running into the same problem, go to Computer Management --> Disk Management and check the status of the drive that is plugged in but Windows 7 is not recognizing. You may notice that is offline with a notice that reads as follows -

    "The disk is offline because it has a signature collusion with another disk that is online."

    Simply right-click the offline disk and click 'online.' Problem should be solved!
  2. You are a freaking genius. I have been having this problem forever. I would send you money if I knew your PayPal.
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