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My mom's laptop has been getting lot's of errors at start up. Most of them seem to be due to corrupted VERSION.dll, but there are couple others as well.

I've been looking around to find a way to fix it and so far only found some article saying to get one of the registry repair programs to fix this kind of problem. Now I don't know much about registry and never had issues with it on my PC, so I stay out of it, but as far as I'm aware most of these registry repair/cleaner programs are just scams.

So how can this be fixed? If registry repair tool is the way to do it, then which one should i get, preferably for free?

I have a list of most of the errors with corrupted .dll's if it's any help.
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  1. Cant even install anything, error keeps popping up saying "The endpoint mapper database entry could not be created."
  2. Have you tried a system restore to a date before the problems started?
  3. mibix19 said:
    Have you tried a system restore to a date before the problems started?

    Didn't work. Ended up rebooting it back to factory settings. It fixed the issue but not all the backed up data got restored...oh well, at least it works now.
  4. Hope you didn't lose too much valuable data. Glad your up and running again. I hope you don't forget to keep regular backups
  5. test your ram as im hundred percent sure the ram is faulty.
    check the site out and follow
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