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I am looking for a windows 7 feature that when you click an icon or a folder there will be a checkbox on the icon where in you can check it. so when you want to click many icons, you don't need to press control anymore to click many icons, you'll just check the checkboxes of each icons. i had it once in my sony vaio windows 7, but when i reinstalled the OS, it was gone. I would like to have it again. please Help me. :(
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    First, launch Windows Explorer: right-click on the start button, and choose "Open Windows Explorer".
    Then, click on the Organize menu, and select "Folder and search options".
    Windows 7 will open the Folder Options dialog: click on the "View" tab. (Note that these settings will apply to all folders in Windows Explorer, not just the folder that happens to be opened when you are configuring folder options.)
    Scroll all the way to the bottom in the Advanced settings box.
    The "Use check boxes to select items" checkbox
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  3. wow! thank you so so much! :D God bless you!
  4. shobe02 said:
    wow! thank you so so much! :D God bless you!

    Glad to help you!
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