Win98 startup problem!!

Two weeks ago, I formatted my harddisk and performed a clean install of windows98. Since then windows98 started behaving strange at startup. Sometimes he boots normal, sometimes he just stops just before the system tray has to appear. The hourglass disappears and only the mouse pointer and my wallpaper sticks. I sometimes have to reboot several times before he starts up normal again.
I have noticed that he does this more often if the computer hasn't been on for a while (e.g. a night long). Maybe a hardware problem, but I don't think so, because before the reinstall he behaved normal and no hardware has been changed. Does somebody have ANY idea what is causing this problem?
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  1. make sure that in your bios you don't have virus check enabled. that could be screwing u up. also, boot into safe mode and make sure that there is no hardware conflicts or IRQ conflicts... its possible that 2 things are the on the same irq and screwing things up.
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