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Hi, I am looking to gain alittle uniformity in my videos collection by
converting them to a common format. I am trying to find (preferably
free/open source) a program that automates the conversion of lots of
diff video types to one relatively easy. I have everything from a few
fli files, to RealMedia files, MOVs, Flash, etc. I have been using
ffmpeg using a batch file (one reason being I love the option it has
(-sameq) to use the "same quality" when say converting something like a
flash over to a xvid/avi format) but there has *got* to be an easier
way. Any help would *really* be appreciated!


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    I would try RiverPast cleaner. It can handle a bunch of formats, and
    does batch conversions.

    Here's a link...

    Not sure if this will do what you need, but it's one of many tools I've
    found useful over the years.

    Ace MovieWorks
    8mm Film Conversions
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    Thanx! I will give it a try.


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