Any landlords in the house? I know, weird place to ask this.

My roommate stopped paying rent 6 weeks ago and agreed to move out June 24th and use the security deposit as her last month's rent. She wrote me a note saying she's sorry it didn't work out and promised to move by the 24th. She was there when I was looking for new roommates and even told them all about the place.

Now she says she wants to go through the eviction process. My landlord told me the letter she wrote agreeing to abandon the room June 24th coupled with the fact she stopped paying rent 6 weeks ago means she officially abandoned the apartment and I can pack her stuff up and put it in storage. I called the housing clerk at the courthouse and he said he really didn't know one way or the other, that it could be tricky because she did write down she abandoned the room as of June 24th.

I have a new roommate who paid me and is planning to move in July 1st and I really need the room vacant. Help!
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  1. It can be tricky. Based upon my experience of living in an apartment for 3 years in college, I'd say your best recourse would be to contact the sheriff's department (if you are in the US). Generally, they handle evictions and would know the finer points of the process.
  2. I wouldn't touch her stuff if i were you personally.
    The onus is on her to pick-up or claim her property.
    Let the landlord or sheriff(Canada)deal with her end of things.
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