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I have three Dell Ultra Sharp Monitors (27", 22" and 22"). I have Windows 7, and want to be able to run Microsoft Excel, Power Pointe and Word on the monitors at the same time. Questions:
- I will buy a new dell laptop, what should the hard drive and processor specs be?
- Should the laptop have an integrated or external graphics card?
- The laptops offer VGA and HDMI. The Monitors offer VGA, VGI, and Display Port. How should I connect from the laptop to the three monitors?

Thank you in advance, LCA
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  1. No gonna happen.

    With that system pretty much any video card will do, but I would recommend you spring for a bit over your current needs as a laptop will not be upgradable, so you want to plan ahead for a few years of use. A mid-range i5 or i7 laptop will do, with a non-intel video chipset. You can also use a docking station with dual outs to run 2 monitors only.
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