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I have Dungeon Lords CE on a Windows 7 laptop. If I make changes to the keyboard configuration and save a game, I cannot retreive that game. Do you know if there is a fix for this?
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  1. I have problems with it myself. But it seem if you run the game as an adminstrator you can save your progress and load it the next time. My problem is that sometimes when i try to save the game it locks up. It seems to go into a windowed view that cant be expaneded and tha sound still runs but you cant see anything. Lost hours woth of work on this... It sucks. Its a great game, just wish i could find a patch for windows 7.
  2. When you installed Dungeon Lords, did you use windows compatibility mode? I recommend right clicking the setup.exe and choosing compatibility troubleshooting. At this point you can apply a windows xp compatibility to the installation. Upon having installed it, you will have to right click the game launcher icon and choose windows xp compatibility mode for running the game. I suggest doing this with all older games intended for windows xp. Additionally, you may need to do this for the games .exe file as well. Also, everyone recommends NOT letting old xp games install into the default "Program files" directory. Instead, create a "Games" folder to install all your games into. Hope this helps.
  3. Also, there is a Dungeon Lords 1.4 Official patch. Be sure to update with this as it fixes many issues.
  4. hi i have got a problem with dungeon lords as well.. after installing it.. when i run the game it closes automatically... just a black screen appears for a sec... tried almost everything ... even tried changing compatibility and reinstalling it millions of time... please HELPPPPP
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