Windows 7 internet connection troubleshooting

AVG10 popped up and said I had Trojans attempting to hack pc. I uninstalled Frostwire and limewire, along with AVG. After that, I had turned off pc, unplugged modem and rebooted. My wireless laptop and game console are connecting via wi-fi just fine; my ethernet connected pc can't connect. I tried following instructions for reconnecting to net with no luck. Any suggestions?
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  1. disconnect cable,remove existing wired network card driver from device manager and restart pc.
    then connect the net cable.
  2. It's too late you do have a trojan virus, one of the first things some viruses do is disable net access. :non:
    Besides scrubbing the system down to a bare drive and reinstall ( you have been backing it up right? )
    In windows safe mode create a new user account, switch to it and import your files, delete the old user account, windows regenerates some components when a new account is created, network connections are some of the components.

    quick edit added: be sure the entire virus is deleted before you start a new user account, it'll just infect the new account if still functioning.
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