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I need to get some of the big boys to weigh in on the overall experience and the rank of Star Wars Galaxies within all the mmorpg's to date.
I just got a very high recommendation for it, and am about to purchase..
Please share good and bad opinions.

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  1. I started playing a day or two after release, and personally I've enjoyed it. I like the skill and crafting systems, and there's a large gameworld to explore. I even had fun "playing" in a band in the cantinas. I will say, however, don't expect a full blown Star Wars experience, if you want that go for Knights Of the Old Republic or the Jedi Outcast series. Also, the jedi system is flawed at the moment in that you have to master 5 (I think) randomly chosen skills (a major difficulty for casual players) in order to open the force sensitive character slot. They currently are working on revamping this system. All in all, if you have a good group of friends to play with this is a good game (in my opinion, of course).
  2. Thanks for the insight.
    I had jedi outcast which was cool for a couple weeks, I am glad I traded it.
    I am still going to purchase Galaxies for $45.00, is this about right??
    More people must have experiences to share about this game's overall fun factor??
    Anyone know much about the lord of the rings MMORPG that is coming out???


  3. I am still going to purchase Galaxies for $45.00, is this about right??

    Don't forget you have to pay a monthly fee in addition to that. Also an expansion will be released shortly, allowing you to fly spacecrafts (including the millenium falcon).

    I'm not a subscriber nor do I own a copy of SW:Galaxy, my info is from the web and PC gaming magazines.


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  4. It's done by SOE. Stay as far away as possible.


    Seriously though, I've heard SW:G is a tad on the boring side. Not much to do, and not very many places to go. Add to that SOE's declining CS, and you've got a game to stay away from. The only good thing about the game is that they have the official Star Wars license... too bad they don't make good use of it.

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  5. It's..... ok.
    That's about as positive as I can be.
    Even though the game's been out for 7-8 months there are alot of bugs and balance issues with the proffessions / quests, etc.
    There's no continuity either. The way jedi work right now is completely retarded. There are tons of jedi in a time period where there were supposed to be very few. Right now, the devs are catering to jedi players, pretty much giving them anything they want, and ignoring blaring issues with other professions. See, the idea of being a jedi sells more copies of the game, so they don't care very much about how it should be, that being the star wars universe.

    As for the space expansion, it's going to be an arcade like experience from what i've read. They call it "twitch" gaming, not based on your character's skill. So I guess like the old X-Wing / Tie Fighter space sims? I think on initial release they're planning on adding small fighters, and transport ships LIKE the Falcon, but you can't fly Han's ship :smile:

    My biggest gripe is you spend a ton of time mastering your profession, and then find out there is nothing to do. That's where i am now, and when my current subscription runs out, I might not renew.

    Anyway good luck!

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  6. Thanks for the info...
    I have now decided to hold off.
    I am into farcry and may buy toca 2.

    Has anyone heard about the mmorpg lord of the rings?????
    This may suit my needs when it comes out, as I have 2 new games to occupy me for now.
    Any commets on toca 2???
    I have only played the 2 toca2 demos and am probalbly going to buy toca 2 after a few more tokes.
  7. Yep I check out the site for Middle Earth Online every once in a while. It's quite a ways off though. I'm sure you'll find more to occupy your time till it's released.

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  8. I played SWG from release for about 4 months. It's gorgeous, but also soulless. The character generation, graphics, friends and fun of exploring a new mmorpg system held me for a while, but it's true, there is very little to do. I'll probably go back to it in a few months to see if I enjoy it any more than I did before, but I'm in no rush.

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  9. Yes. Honestly, with the huge lack of content at the end game, I think the only reason it's been semi-successful is the massive amount of different professions for people to try. I.E. master your profession you say? Ah no prob! Just release some points and try another! Say a chef or entertainer or tailor, the list goes on and on.
    Oh, and the stupid hologrind thing for Jedi. [/sigh]
    Anyway, I'd like to say I'll be coming back in a couple months, but honestly I doubt it. And I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan, but actually when I think about it, that's precisely the reason I won't be coming back to SWG. :frown:

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  10. I have been an MMORPG player since Meridian 59 came out and i have played all of them that i know about, so i would like to think i know a thing or 2 about what makes a good MMORPG. of all the onlline role-players i have played, SWG is ranked within the top 5.

    1.)The game world is huge without being overwhelming.

    2.)Character development. It is skill-based and very flexible. You are not "locked" into any specific character type or class at any point.

    3.)the combat is pretty fun, but there are some problems in the agro system (can never tell if you are going to pull 1 or 10 mobs, it is very incosistent.)

    4.)The trade skills are as viable a profession as any other in the game.

    5.) The graphics are very nice compared to a lot of other MMORPG's

    6.) variety of things to do. Start a mining business or hunt tusken raiders, hang out in a cantina or skill grind.

    7.) Player housing is very well executed, for the first time in any MMORPG that i have seen, and houses are accessable to even the most casual player.

    8.) The entire game is suited very well for the casual gamer as well as the hard-core gamer, It does not require months and months of work to really become "fun" or to experience a lot of the end-game features.

    1.) Some server issues which result in a lot of frustrating lag and headaches

    2.) Agro system (mentioned above)

    3.) Balance issues. some classes are too powerful and some too weak (common in any MMORPG)

    4.) Some skills are really a lot more of a chore to learn than they are fun. Any bounty hunter will tell you that mastering scout was not a whole lot of "fun" by any stretch of the imagination.

    5.) Not challenging enough, especially at end-game. Not much to do once you have mastered any professions you want. gear is easy to obtain, so no real challenge about getting the latest and greatest uber-item. Money is too easy to come by, Everything is kind of handed to the player on a silver platter

    6.) Jedi system. Completely botched, almost impossible for anyone to actually become a jedi, much less a casual player.

    This is my analysis of the game ater about 6 months of playing it. It gets boring rather quickly, especially for the hardcore gamers (myself included) probably more fun for the casual gamer. All this is just my opinion though, give it a try for youself, most you stand to lose is $45 =/
  11. I played for about 7 months about 20 hours a week and I pretty much agree with everything you said. It has its drawbacks, but it was a hell of a lot of fun for 6 months or so. I can say that about very few games. Half Life (Counterstrike), StarCraft, and Diablo 2 come to mind. I can't think of any others, and I've played a buttload of games. Most of them I beat in a week or two and never play again. So to me SWG was worth the money.

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  12. Yeh we're pretty much on the same page.

    Which other MMORPG's have you played?

    I'd say IMO from best to worst for me were:

    1. EQ (purely based on survivability, as it was released about 5 years ago and is still going stronger than any other MMORPG to date)

    2. Anarchy Online (after an initial rocky launch, it seems to have cleaned up alot and is fun for alot of peeps)

    3. Dark Age of Camelot (was fun and I'd still play if my friends came over from EQ with me)

    4. Star Wars Galaxies

    5. Earth & Beyond (was a true waste of money, imo)

    There are others including:

    6. Eve Online (which I never played)

    7. Lineage I&II (only played II beta)

    8. City of Heroes (Which was just released last month. I have a CoH account, and am enjoying it, but I admit it could still be the initial "newness" factor that keeps me interested. Basically too early to tell.)

    Anyway, my only point was this. Being in the Top 5 MMORPG list is not really that great, considering the fact that there are not that many out there.

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