Windows media player windows 7 stuck at opening media

After a couple years of no major issues with windows 7, i have one to report.

When playing media (seasons of TV i burnt) on WMP, it will only play one file and hang at "opening media" when trying to get the next one on the list. This started out of nowhere after months of working flawlessly.

Please help any way you can.
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  1. Hello Dodgerfan1971;
    Check and see if the VLC media player will run the 2nd episode OK.
    VLC Media Player download

    Are you having the similar issue with other DVDs?
    It might not be a Win7 issue. Other possibilities are the DVD disc has a problem or the DVD player is the problem.
  2. Sorry if I was vague. It's DVD files ripped and stored on the local hard drives in wmv and mpg formats. It encompasses all file formats, even folders where I have ripped blu-ray content.
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