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Do you have visioneer 8700 usb scanner driver for windows 7?

Do you have visioneer 8700 usb scanner driver for windows 7?
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    There driver support page is down. The rest of their web site seems to work OK but not the driver page.

    When they get it back up, try using their Vista drivers. Vista drivers are for the most part compatible with Win 7.
  2. The Visioneer 8700 works with Windows 7 by using the 8900 XP driver:

    From the Visioneer website, download the latest 8900 XP driver.
    Right click on 8900.303113.EN and select "Troubleshoot Compatibility"
    If you get the red-box warning that XP drivers aren't compatible, then you're good.

    When it is installed properly, it will show up as "Visioneer 87xx/89xx USB Scanner".
  3. I have similar problem in windows 7 64 bit with visioneer 8700 usb scanner.
    Can you please share what is the compatibility mode used for this? . I tried the recommended driver but did not get red box warning and unable to connect the scanner
  4. This 'best answer' is no answer at all since they have neither Window 7 drivers nor Vista drivers. Is there a real answer to this question?
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