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My Sony Cyper-shot DSC-P7 has stripped one of the cogs in the lens focus
gearing assembly mechanism. (All that incessant lens in out power save

I've seen posting on the web indicating this could be a replaceable unit but
have thus far been totally unable to either track a supplier or part number.

Sony say thay have a standing maintenance charge of £140 ($250) It cheaper
to buy a new one!

All I'm looking for is infomation on the focus gearing cogs (those nylon
guys) possibly associated with the gear assemby 273101

Failing that anyone need parts for a Sony DSC-P7

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  1. Hey Chris,

    I have the same problem and am looking all over the internet trying to find the p/n for the plastic cog. My P7 started going haywire with zooming in and out...finally i opened up the thing. CAREFULLY, i detached and unscrewd the camera to get to the gear box, and inside saw the teeth on one fo the gears was gone.

    If you have any info about the p/n or the name of that area...that'd be very helpful. I don't want to spend $300 bucks on a new camera when just a $5.00 part (most likely less than $10) can be used to repair.

  2. Hey, if you haven't solved this yet, I'll buy your camera. My motherboard failed due to bending and I'm trying to find a new board and install it.

    Or if you want to buy my camera, let me know. The gears are intact and you can swap them out.

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