Microsoft office is on Windows XP disc - but I have Windows 7 - is this a proble

I have a new computer with Microsoft windows 7... It did not come with Microsoftt Office. I have a new student disc with office - but it is on a Windows XP service pack 2 disc. Will the Windows XP override my windows 7 if I try to install 'Office' from this disc?
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  1. A Microsoft Office installation will not overwrite Windows 7.
    But what you have is something different. Office AND XP on one disc? That's not normal.

    Is that Office version Office 2003? Does it already include Service Pack 3?
    Can you take a picture of the disc and/or box cover and post it here for us to look at?
  2. I wonder if this is a Restore disk from a manufacturer from the days they supplied disks, like HP, Compaq as it used to be etc. some of which included office.
  3. There are two possibilities here.

    The first is that the XP SP2 disk is a slipstreamed copy of XP with office installed on the O/S. In this case there is no way of extracting the files as it has already been installed.

    The second option is that the files are the standard install files and are launched via a script. In this case you case search the disk for all .MSI files. And dependant on the version you may have pro11.msi or std11.msi (Assuming version is 2003). If this is the case, just run the correct .MSI for your version and it will install as a standard separate disk with no effect on your O/S.
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