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To record TV movies, I use Windows XT MCE. To convert from the format
DVR-MS to MPEG2, I use 'Click to DVD' or 'DVGate Plus'.
In recent weeks however, it is no longer possible to convert many
movies (but not all) Why ?
When I use 'Click to DVD' version 2.3, after about 10 minutes, it gives
me a message to the effect that it is not possible due to an error.
When I use 'DVGate Plus'version 1.3, the message says it is encrypted !
Do you know if encryption of some kind on the CBC network started some
weeks ago? What is the encryption ? Does it have to do with 'Broadcast
Flag'? Can it be by-passed ? Thank you.
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    Where are you?
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    Close to Vancouver, Canada
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