Flat panel for games/movies?

I pre-ordered a GeForce 3 Ti 200 with TV-Out. Now, I need a nice flat panel to go along with it :)
I need something that would be good for movies/gaming/graphics. I heard about pixel distortion at resolutions between 800x600 - 1600x1200, and I'm wondering if I should stick with my old CRT.
If you watched any movies or played games like hitman(gotta like those physics) at 1024x768 on a flat panel, tell me what kind I should get.

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  1. Well, for games and movies, there are a few possibilities. However, since you wish to play at 1024x768 (on a GF3, you shouldn't even be worried that things won't run at that resolution- OC if necessary), you are limited to a 15" LCD. That's fine, as 15" LCD is equivalent to 17" CRT, and there are many nice 15" LCD's out there. You'll want fats response time and good contrast. I would also reccomend using the LCD in Digital Mode (via the DVI connector- if the LCD uses a digital connector)). I assume that since your Ti200 has TV-out it also had DVI (if it doesn't, you're stuck with analog). Anyway, here are some good LCD's: Eizo L365 (25ms response time, 450:1 contrast), Compaq TFT5030 (20ms response time, 400:1 contrast). Those are the 2 I'd consider buying, and really would reccomend.

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  2. When will the DVI fairy come and lower those prices?

    I'll knock you into next wednesday, or thursday. [-peep-], let me get my day-planner.
  3. Is the Compaq TFT7020 similar to the 5030 just 17 inches?
    I would like a digital solution but 1024x768 is just to low of a resolution for me. Like I've said before I want a monitor for gaming and graphics work like adobe programs and macromedia programs.
  4. ooh I found the spec sheet for the TFT7020 it seems VERY nice:
    Viewing Angle 150° (horizontal) 140° (vertical) (10:1 CR)
    Pixel Pitch 0.264 mm
    Contrast Ratio (typical) 400:1
    Response Rate 25 ms (typical)
    Brightness (typical) 250 nits
    Color Depth Support 16.7 million
    And its both Digital and analogue so I could use it until I find someone to trade their Radeon 8500 for my geforce 3. THEN compaq sells it for $799! this certainly beats the pants off of an 18.1 inch NEC analogue for $820-850. Now if I could only find out what the warranty is....
  5. Judging by the specs and the time in which it came out, I assume teh TFT7030 is basically a 17" version of the TFT5030. Outta curiousity, why would you trade your GF3 for an R8500. Convert it to a Quadro DCC, and OpenGL is suddenyl 2x as fast!

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  6. for DVI plugs of coarse
  7. Why don't you just trade it in for one that does have DVI plugs?

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  8. hmm I suppose I could. How safe is it to turn a geforce 3 into the better performing Quadro? and can the Ti500 be turned into one too?
  9. Very easy to turn it into a Quadro using teh software method. Also, a Ti500 is a regular GF3, just OCed in a sense, so yes that too can be turned into Quadro.

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  10. oooh I want information on this software method, do you happen to have a link?
  11. You can dload Rivatuner RC7.1 anywhere. Once you dload that, use the appropriate patch scripts (if you need help, post and I'll help). It'll turn into Quadro DCC.

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  12. MooseDude!

    What Pixel distortion are you talking about? As far as I know all LCDs have perfectly square sided pixels in perfect alignment and focus. The only pixel problem (other then dead or always on) I know of is when you run your display at a resoultion other then what is native to the display. For example, if you run a 800 by 600 display at 640 by 480 the thing is going to look bad. This is because a LCD at 800 by 600 has exactly 800 by 600 pixels and to run it at 640 by 480 you need to interpolate. This causes text to be lumpy. If you run a 800 by 600 display at 800 by 600 it will look perfect as far as the pixels go. You should buy a LCD with the resolution you intend to run it at. Regular monitors do not have this problem and look fine at many different resoutions. LCD only look good at their native resoultion or even multiples. See this <A HREF="http://www4.tomshardware.com/display/99q2/990624/tft1-06.html" target="_new">link to Tom's TFT Guide</A> for a good explaination of the topic of scaling errors.

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  13. You also must factor in response time, etc. lakedude.

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