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  1. Hey gang, I have a computer system windows 7 64 bit, 8gb of ram, 1tb seagate 500gb x2 raid0, radeon hd 5770 graphics card. My problem now is I have blue screens of death left and right now. I thought it could be a driver issue so I decided to reformat the drives and reinitiate raid 0, but I even got the blue screen of death during install. So I'm thinking bad memory now, not bad driver. My thing is I have 2x2 gb kingston 1800 ram ddr3 and 2x2 gb of corsair 1600 ram. Is it possible these two different rams are conflicting, or is one of the sticks just bad? Another thing, I have a phenom 965 processor and a biostar ta890fxe motherboard that is brand spanking new. I loaded everything took two days and not any crashes until a few days later, now they seem to happen with no rhyme or reason. corsair and kingston memory is also brand spankin new less than a week old and very good brands handled with care when put inside motherboard? can i set the timings the same in the bios for the memory or should i take one of the memory kits out? also note on memtest86 v4.00 at 1600 settings test 5 fails under errors its 700 i dont know if that means 700 errors but I can figure out red is bad?
  2. Problem solved I think. I need someones help to confirm. In the motherboard the ram channels go like this A1,B1,A2,B2. exactly like that
    I had A1 and B1 = corsair and a2 and b2 = kingston. I switched it to this

    A1 and A2 = corsair and B1 and B2 = kingston. I ran memtest86 and over 20 minutes no fails got to test 7 and it passed test five with flying colors. I just thought it was a1,a2,b1,b2 until i looked at the manual does this seem correct to you so far im 41% install in windows 7 with no blue screen of death
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