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Change 64 bit to 32 bit ?

i have a dos program that is use for business and when i bought a new acer pc with win7 home, , i try to use the program it wont work, it ask me change window to 32 bit, that program worked fine on xp and all other os before i have the program over 16 years. till win7 , so i like to know how to change window 7 to 32 bit from 64
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  1. What is the program called? There may be a way to get it working by using virtual PC software.

    The only way to go from 64bit to 32bit is by doing a clean installation of Windows with a 32bit install disc. Since you bought the laptop with Windows pre-loaded, chances are you don't have any install media, so you'll then have to buy another copy of Windows.
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    You can try running it under DOSBox. 64 Bit OS's can run 32 bit programs. I have a feeling that DOS program you have is 16 bit.
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  4. Check out this site. It has some great information and troubleshooting tips that will help you with your question!

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
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