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Im trying to make a network between an amd 1700xp desktop pc and 2 laptop pcs. All pcs have xp installed. The desktop is the server and I'm using a 4 port hub to connect the three computers. The desktop has an adsl connection which I would like to be shared with the laptops. In order to share it im using winroute (inbuilt xp internet sharing doesnt seem to work through a hub to the laptops)
I set the network up so that it was working perfectly.
However whenever any of the laptops disconnects from the network (ie is taken elsewhere) the network refuses to work unless I reconfigure the whole thing. Any suggestions? This is really annoying and is costing money as I am having to maintain 2 internet connections rather than just one.
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  1. In reply to xp and laptop problems. Its been my experience that the problem is XP. I'm a network administrator, I network all day, for several different organizations, however I run Win2000. I have a laptop with XP Pro and have had the same stupid problems. Also tried XP on one of the 2000 busioness networks and the computer forgot its network printer connections on a daily basis. When I travel with the XP laptop it sometimes takes me 20 minutes to hook up to a broadband connection. XP home is even worse. I would suggest "upgrading" to Win 2000.
  2. Have you considered purchasing a router? It might make your life a whole lot easier without having to change OS's to WIN2000. I use a Linksys BEFSR41 and can remove and install PC's with no reconfiguration. Good luck!
  3. to simplify the problem, when you come "back" to the network after moving one of the laptops, can you get an IP address (ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew)?

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