It's Offical Guys!

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  1. See!!! I was right....the southwest still belongs to Mexico. :D
  2. They can have it.. except then they'll come further east when the SW becomes Mexico.
  3. The world is headed toward a nice mix of colours statistically so this is fine.

    Mix it up to the point where racism becomes a non-issue ... and we can move on.

  4. Racism is a non-issue. It's all those (insert race here) that are causing the problems. :D
  5. dogman_1234 said:
    Since it's official, does this mean that I (as white middle class american) can finally qualify for all the incentives, programs, subsidies, and equal opportunity entitlements denied due to the fact that I am a white middle class american?

    Sarcasm aside, equal opportunity laws are inherently racist.
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