When installing windows 7 i get to starting windows then thars it help

ive bin reading threads as im getting same problems tryin to install win 7 i get the 2 white loading bars then windows starting screen n logo then it justs stays like that when i tried loading in safe mode with command point it just stopped after loading fdisk said please wait i want ti try options said about disablig drivers etc in bios but when im in my bios options all iv got is 3 boot options password options basic info and battery collaboration fan colab auto dim function and legacy usb support apart from load optimal defaults and save changes thats it does anyone plz ave any more suggestionsfor me im using a phillips freeserve x59 ave got vista installed but it just suddenly stopped being able to boot hangs same places etc as tryin to install win 7ive tried a phillips freeserve x59 recscue disk 2 i bought in a download to boot on to vista but it just came up sayin boot didnt no wot command to put so went on to another screen nott a clue wot meant to do i no it didnt do wot it sed it would though plz if anyone can help id be grateful thanx
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  1. Your post is nearly impossible to read. Please use shorter sentences with some punctuation.

    First question: Which version of Windows 7 is this and where did you get it from?
  2. I think he is saying vista installed and is stopped booting... now trying to install Win7 and same problem.

    Likely a drive or cable problem...
  3. +1 hdd on its way out?
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