Xbox 360 wired controller with PC proble.

Hello, I purchased an XBOX 360 wired controller with the intention of using it with my Windows 7 Home Premium PC.

When I plugged in the controller it automatically recognized it and installed the drivers. When I go to devices and printers I see the controller but I cannot do not have the option "game controller settings" to calibrate.

I can calibrate it when I click on the "HID-compliant game controller device" but I get no response when I move the joysticks... Every button works except for the joysticks.

Any advice would be great, I have already deleted and re-installed the drivers multiple times.
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  1. i assume you've used it with an xbox, you might want to go to microsoft's website addownload their updated drivers, the ones through windows update are the most stable, but not the most current and lack features present in their site distribution.
  2. Calibrate in game if you have to.
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