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I recently upgraded my motherboard and added twin 128GB SSD drives in a RAID 0 configuration. It took me several times to get the install correct but it was finally done and running great. I have one small issue though that started during the initial setup.

For some reason Windows installer wanted to place some files onto my storage array consisting of an internal 2TB drive. This caused install issues onto the SSDs. I resolved this issue by unplugging all but the SSD drives from the system, installing the OS then plugging the other drives back in.

Every once in awhile (primarily after changing one of my drives to test a friends drive) my mobo will lose the raid connection and show 3 versions of Win7 to choose from. One on each of my remaining drives. The problem is that none of those drives actually have Windows installed on them. They all have some ghost file somewhere from a failed installation onto the raid array but I cannot find it. I can fix this boot problem by unplugging one of my SSDs, plugging it back in, booting to bios and selecting the RAID as the boot device.

How can I remove these ghost references to Win7 on the other drives?
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  1. When installing Win 7, make sure just the SSD's are installed (which you did). When you did this, did you remember to delete all partions and recreate them all. If not, windows will see the additional install attempts.

    So, either do a clean install or you might be able to fix it with EasyBCD.
  2. The additional botched install files, or temp files, are on my storage drives somehow and those are what I am after to remove.

    Yes I would delete the RAID set and recreate it on every reinstall because I wanted to make sure it was clean. The problem is the windows installer placed some temp install files on a drive that was not going to be the boot drive. I am sure the file size is minimal but just curious where those files are so I dont have to reformat 4 hard drives.
  3. Did you try EasyBCD? If it sees more than one copy of windows installed, it should let you remove the erronious copies.
  4. Will try that when I get home :)
  5. good-luck.
  6. Yeah easyBCD did not find any other windows install files. I am sure there is a hidden boot.ini somewhere that I am not finding. Its not that important as much as it is annoying because it only happens when my raid breaks from other testing.
  7. been there..
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