Win 7 not genuine issue

Why did I get "this copy of Win 7 is not genuine?" I'm 86 yrs old what should i do?
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  1. Where did you get the copy of windows? Is it legal? more info please...
  2. Someone must have installed a blacklisted key on your computer!This happens with alot of keys bought and sold on ebay and other sites illegally!
  3. Who installed this for you?
  4. I bought it from HP to replace the corrupted VISTA that came with the computre. The problem was that I did a clean install with an Upgrade product. A few hours on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support fixed the problem.
    Frankly I wish I had stuck with reloading the VISTA - after years using Outlook Express I am lost without it!. I bought a copy Of MS Office from Staples because the guy told me it had a mail program. All it did was take me back to Hotmail which I already had. Thanks to all for their help! Capn Gene
  5. Although you cannot get Outlook Express back (it's not available for Windows 7), Microsoft still do a free email program that works pretty much the same. It's called Windows Live Mail and it's part of Live Essentials. Download it from here: and give it a try. If it doesn't work out for you, at least it was free so you haven't lost anything! :)
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