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I have redirected the My documents folder of all my laptop clients (XP
SP2) to a share on a SBS 2003 server. These folders are set up to be
available offline. I have NOT configured any GPO for the Slow link
Speed detection. I have it set to sync at loggoff.

When my laptop users leave the office for longer than a day, the cached
copy of the My documents folder dissapears. They then cannot see any
data. They do connect to the office network over a normal pptp VPN and
the folder does try to sync but gets cancelled or fails due to the
link. When they get back the office, it syncs up again fine. Does
anyone know why the cached copy would dissapear? Does it have anything
to do with a failed syncronisation attempt?
Also, can anyone tell me a recomended setting for the "configure slow
connections" GPO setting for offline files. I would like it to sync at
anything higher than 10mbps to accomodate our wireless network but rule
out any WAN connection.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. see if you have the clients set to synchronize the subfolders too.

    and maybe it's something to do with the way they access the shared folder, make sure it's something like "||server|folder", not mapped folder, and create a shortcut of the shared folder (as shown above) to the desktop.

    Off-topic: why can't I post the path correctly? the backslash gets eaten...
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