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HP drivers for Windows 7

I'm no HP or Win7 expert, but was recently successful in finding drivers for Win7 for my nephew's HP printer. The process was convoluted because HP hasn't cross-referenced their regular driver pages with the new Win7 drivers pages. The place to start is the page called "HP and Windows® 7"

Down on the lower right side, you'll see the usual search box for your product.
Search for HP software & drivers compatible with Windows® 7
Enter a product name/number

If you put your product name in there, it'll take you to the NEW product pages that include the brand-new (10-2009) driver page that includes Win7 and the other OSs.

For example, my nephew has a HP Photosmart C4400 Printer. His driver page is here:
and then here:

Hopefully, HP will link the new pages to the old and this won't be necessary.
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    Before doing anything else, it's worth doing a "Windows Update" from the "Install the Printer Driver" dialog. This downloaded a driver for my Deskjet 930C that wasn't on the Windows 7 DVD. I notice that it also added a driver for the Photosmart C4400, so you could have avoided the convoluted process.
  2. Excellent ijack. I was working from the phone and hadn't done a Win7 install except in the early beta versions. So I couldn't see the options he had. In addition, his dad let him do the Win7 upgrade over the weekend when he had homework unfinished and unprinted - getting the printer working was primary!!

    Does that option require HP to have furnished the drivers already to Microsoft's site?
  3. you can consider the inbuilt printer drivers in windows 7, if you cannot find on hp website.Here is the link to view them
  4. I used the in build printer drivers from Windows 7 64bit for my HP printer 7762 Photosmart and Scanjet 3970. No issues whatsoever despite the lack of "official" Windows 7 drivers from the HP support page...positively surprised.
  5. Hp printer driver update for Windows 7 to the address you can browse links.
    That site should have any and all drivers you will need
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  8. Thanks for the links to the non-HP sites folks. I always prefer to find a driver at the mfg site if possible, then check the sites like if no luck.
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