How easy is it to install Snow Leopard on a pc

Hi, I was thinking about installing snow leopard on my pc and I was wondering if it is as easy as it sounds or not? Also I have windows 7 already loaded on one hard drive, but I have another smaller hard drive that I could use for OS x if that would work. I'm just need to know if its like crazy hard to do, and if I do install that along with windows but on different hard drive if it will either wipe the other drive or ruin the computer? Thanks for anything that you can tell me.
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  1. Installing software will not "ruin" your computer. Also I am pretty sure since this is considered bootlegging an OS it is against the forum rules to speak about it here. Try one of the many websites dedicated to hackintoshes.
  2. installing Mac on a windows computer is called a "Hackintosh" I am not sure how this goes with software licenses from apple.

    I do know that it requires VERY SPECIFIC hardware in order to work. as the OSX has very limited drivers and you cannot add more (like windows where you download and install what drivers you want)

    you cannot just grab any old hardware (mobo, cpu, video card) and have it work in a hackintosh.
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