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Since I've been on Windows 7/my new computer, my mouse has changed appearance at random. I don't want it to, so when searching for answers the other day, I came across something you could download that would make it so the mouse wouldn't change. I downloaded it. Since I did, I am now unable to switch the pointer back to normal when it automatically changes. I cannot figure out how to undo this.
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  1. use this to uninstall it use the aggressive setting it will look for registry changes!
  2. Is this free or is it something I'll have to remember to cancel within 30 days to not be charged? And will the freeware version do what you said or would I have to have the pro version? Thanks.
  3. yes free is awesome!
  4. I installed it & it shows all the programs on my computer. I don't see an aggressive setting. I don't see anything about my mouse pointer or registry changes. What do I look for?
  5. is there software that you installed for the mouse on the list?
  6. No. I don't think it was a named software. I don't remember exactly what it was. It was a link that when clicked on, it would download something that would change the registry so that the mouse pointers would no longer change. I clicked the link. It downloaded in a couple of seconds & that was it.

    The result, though, is that there is no longer an option to change your mouse pointers in the customize screen.
  7. that's not a good idea to download that way, that's how pc's get infected!this can be fixed from your mouse properties in the control panel!
  8. How?
  9. I really appreciate your help, but I don't think I made it clear. This is what I tried at first, but there is no longer a "pointers" tab to click on. Evidently (unless I am just not seeing something obvious) the change I volunteered for took out the "Pointers" tab under "Mouse Properties". Any other suggestions? & don't worry. I don't plan on doing this again!
  10. click start and type mouse in the search box it will give you a bunch of options!
  11. Fortunately the pointer is "randomly" back to normal now. When I do what you just suggested I still have the Mouse Properties box with no Pointers tab to select lots of pointers. I know what you are talking about. I DID have that option at one time.
  12. I FIXED IT!!! I used "System Restore" to a restore point earlier than I installed the "fix". Voila! Problem solved! Thanks for your assistance. I appreciate that you're here! :hello:
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