Intel 2200bg connection drops (updated from Many dropouts ..

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Hello All,

I have two notebooks, a winxp sp2 home ed. having an internal intel
2200bg and a win2k pro using an external usb 802.11b network adaptor
Blitzz, both are configured to be in adhoc mode, and use 128bit wep.

My problem is that the connection is dropped every 5-10 minutes (from
winxp that has intel card, I never see any disconnections from win2k
has a usb adaptor). I checked the statistics for intel wireless card,
the most notable thing was around 80% transmit errors. The statistics
the usb adaptor say no errors at all. Both adaptors have excellent
reception (100%).

I guess the Intel Pro/set utility has disabled that windows zero
configuration whatever.

I tried lowering the transmit rate: in win2k I changed the tx rate
5.5Mb/s, but I couldn't find the settings to set the rate in winxp
are they anyway ?! In Intel Pro/set utility there wasn't anything to
the rate), and this new configuration only caused the usb adaptor to
in 5.5 but it still receives data at 11, and the transmit errors are
still at around 80%

How can I resolve the issue ?

Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I had the same problem, i went to Intels website and installed latest driver
    and software....Also after that i deleted the current profile and created
    new one....try that
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