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Hello,why are the sensor descriptors showing like "TMPIN0" or "FANIN0" in CPUID Hardware Monitor while other programs like CPU-Z or EasyTune6 identify them correctly as CPU Temp and CPU Fan?
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    I am not sure why, but it does the same thing to me too. It commonly happens though, and if I remember right TMPIN0= CPU temp, TMPIN1=the motherboards mosfet temp, and TMPIN2= the NB temp.
  2. Thanks for the reply. At least I know I'm not alone. Guess the problem is with the Hardware Monitor program. ;)
  3. No problem, I'm glad that I could help. :)
  4. Also, I verified the actual TMPIN2 (NorthBridge) temperature with my non-contact temperature probe. My actual temps on the heat sink was 50 degrees C. ;NOT the 81 degrees C. that the temperature monitor is showing. I also checked the accuracy of the temperature probe against the temp of the GPU heat sink which matched its temperature readout on the money. So, it looks like it's simply an issue of the motherboard temperature sensor TMPIN2 being whack. I probably will take the heat sink off an put on some good Artic Silver 3 paste and also increase the spring tension on the mounting pins.
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